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We Keep History Alive - Authentically
Our buckskin clothing and accessories are made for "authenticity-minded" people - whether you're looking for Native American/American Indian clothing to honor our First Nations ancestors, or looking for buckskin clothing to authentically recreate the lifestyle of a mountain man, frontiersman or longhunter.  Most items are patterned from originals - noted by a little museum [ Museum researched ]. Like the originals, ALL of ours are totally hand sewn - NO lacing and NO machine sewing.  4126336870

Our wampum weaving uses the traditional double-thread method. The beads are replicas of those traded to Native Americans by the Dutch and British since the 1500's.  3107421384  You might also want to read our "Story Of Wampum" article series.

Yes, You Can Order Online
We're working on a full-site shopping cart.  It's been a confusing process to select and learn the software so we can get it perfect the first time out.  Though it be ever so slowly, we are making progress. Until our cart is fully functional, you can still order online from us. Check it out  Of course, those that don't care for online ordering will always be able to purchase by mail order.

Let Us Know What Ya Think
We've had a couple ideas for new product lines to add to our site.  One is a line of basic gear for trekkers, such as tin dinnerware, folding fry pans, and such.  The other is Colonial and Native American herbals.  We'd like to hear from you as to whether or not there's any interest in these.  Also, make suggestions if you have other preferences.  'preciate it.

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